Marko Zubak was born in 1979 in Zagreb, Croatia, in an artist surrounding, and started to create soon, playing in the family gallery on the island Rab. He starts studying painting at “Accademia delle belle arti di Bologna”, Italy in 1999. After three years of studying he has moved to Barcelona where he concluded his degree in “Facultad de Bellas Artes de Barcelona”, in 2006. In the same year he starts the course of multimedia in CIPSA school and finishes it in 2008.At the moment he is working and producing in his studios in Zagreb and Rovinj.

2006. Exhibition of paintings, Gallery Iris, Barcelona
2010. Paintings and installations exhibition, gallery ‘Izidor Kršnjavi’, Zagreb, Croatia
 »see pics
2010. Paintings and video exhibition, gallery Tir, Nova Gorica, Slovenia »see pics
2010. ‘ye-boT initiative’ show, paper toy project, ULUPUH gallery, Zagreb, Croatia »see pics
2011. ‘Un monde aux frontières du réel’, paintings and sculptures, CovArt Gallery, Luxembourg »see pics
2011. ‘Paper Toys im OK’ – NEXTCOMIC festival: 1. room: II LOVE mag & ye-boT initiative show,  video projection: “Thought control” 2.room: “St. Bugbot”, installation and scenography for stop motion video, OK Offenes Kulturhaus OÖ, Linz, Austria »see pics
2016. PAPER TOYS, cardboard sculptures, Österr. Papiermachermuseum, Laakirchen-Steyrermühl, Austria
2017. PAPERBOTS, Österr. Papiermachermuseum, Laakirchen-Steyrermühl, Austria

2005. “Imprezona”, gallery Miscelanea, Barcelona
2007. Alpok-Adria-Pannonia International art exhibition, Castillo Batthyany, Körmend, Hungary (collective)
2008. Paintings, Villa Gadea, Hotel Meliá, La Olla (Altea), España
2008. Paintings, Hotel Sol Ifach, Calpe (Meliá), España (solo)
2008. “YEBOMAYCU project”, Prostor Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia (solo)
2009. Paintings, Club Nautic “La Vila Joiosa”, Villajoyosa (Alicante), España (solo)
2009. “Paper Toy and Pop Out Show”, Pink Hobo Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota (collective)
2009. “Bugbots”, MM centar, Studentski Centar, Zagreb, Croatia
2009. “FabFibe show”, paper toy show, Sculpture Square, Singapore (collective)
2010. Paintings, Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Orxeta, Orxeta, España
2010. VIDEOMEDEJA, International Video Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad: »video: Yebo studio
2011. “Paper Toy II”, Pink Hobo Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota (collective)
2011. “Petits Formats, grandes Signatures”, CovArt Gallery, Luxembourg (collective)
2012. NextComic Festival, OK Offenes Kulturhaus OÖ, Linz, Austria, »video: St. Bugbot
2012. Athens Video*/Art Festival, Greece, »video: St. Bugbot
2012. 3rd Urban Arts Festival, Angers-Paris-Brussels, »video: St. Bugbot
2012. Galerija Greta, Zagreb, »video: St. Bugbot (solo)
2013. Annual exhibition of HDLU members »video: No place for paper toys (collective)
2013. Baranja Animation Festival (BAF!), Croatia, »video: No place for paper toys
2013. 2nd BIENNALE OF PAINTING / VIENNA CALLING, Home of HDLU – Meštrović Pavilion, Zagreb, Croatia (collective)
2013. Animateka 10th IAFF, Ljubljana, Slovenia, »video: No place for paper toys
2014. BORROWORROB: In Search of Symmetry, Home of HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia (collective)
2015. Urban Paper Collective Show, Sauerland-Museum, Arnsberg, Germany (collective)
2015. Annual exhibition of HDLU members (collective)
2016. OTOTOY: Art toys, Centro Cultural F., Medellin/ Bogota, Colombia (collective)
2016. Likovna kolonija Rovinj 2016, Zavičajni muzej grada Rovinja (collective)
2016. Urban Paper Collective Show, Sauerland-Museum, Arnsberg, Germany (collective)
2016. Annual exhibition of HDLU members (collective)
2016. The 33rd YOUTH SALON – BUDGET, Home of HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia (collective)
2017. (dis)placement exhibition, Ugly Duck, London, UK (collective)

» yebomaycu independent projects, (free art paper toys)
» II LOVE mag, free PDF magazine about paper toys, »more
» ye-boT initiative, custom paper toy project, »more

» “Take away”, custom paper toy contest: Best paper toy (Spain, traveling show), 2008.
» 3rd Artaq Urban Arts awards, France, for video catgegory: “St. Bugbot”, 2012.
» Grisia, Open Air Art Exhibition, Croatia (purchase award), 2014.

» Kontejner #8, magazine, Slovenia
, 2008.
» ALITTLEBEAT, magazine, Spain, 2009.
» Computer Arts Projects, magazine, UK (#126, August 2009.)
» “Papercraft” book, Design and Art with Paper, R.Klanten, S.Ehmann, B.Meyer. Published by Gestalten, Berlin, Germany, 2009.
» “Paper Toy Monsters” book, by Brian Castelforte, Workman publishing, New York, USA, 2010.
» Artaq bookzine 2012, Artaq Urban Arts awards 2012.
» “Paper Robots” book, by Nick Knite, h.f.ullmann publishing, Potsdam, Germany, 2013.

Marko Zubak, Fine Arts degree. Fields: painting, sculpture, graphic, paper toys, design, animation.
Projects: MLIBTY Shadows, Bugbots, yebomaycu project, ye-boT initiative. Download free papertoys.
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