Falling apart

Installation for a paper toy, 40x40x40cm, 2013.
Paper toy is caught in the moment of disintegration, reality is falling apart. MLIBTY Shadows are sheltered behind the buildings, watching the scene.
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opt_Raspadanje_PT-07 opt_Raspadanje_PT-05opt_Raspadanje_det-15opt_Raspadanje_det-17opt_Raspadanje_det-10 opt_Raspadanje_det-09opt_Raspadanje_det-07     opt_Raspadanje_PT-02  opt_Raspadanje_top-07opt_Raspadanje_05 opt_Raspadanje_top-02  opt_Raspadanje_top-10opt_Raspadanje_01

Marko Zubak, Fine Arts degree. Fields: painting, sculpture, digital art, paper toys, animation.
Projects: #CryptoSkateboards, MLIBTY Shadows, Bugbots, yebomaycu project, ye-boT initiative. Download free papertoys.