It’s not the fall that hurts, it’s when you hit the ground (Study of the fall)

PVC foam, epoxy, textile, polymer clay, paper, wood, acrylic, glass fusion, 2013.

Series of small sculptures, (Cca. 20x20x20 cm), made for bigger installation.

P1311147P1311164P2011198P2081243P1311162 P1311172 P1311179 P1311182 P2011188 P2011194 P2021204 P2041210 P2081215 P2081220 P2081223 P2081233 P2081245 P2211257 P2211261 P2211265 P2221273 P2231279 P2231294 P2231300 P2231316 P2231319 P2231327 P22513511 2

Marko Zubak, Fine Arts degree. Fields: painting, sculpture, digital art, paper toys, animation.
Projects: #CryptoSkateboards, MLIBTY Shadows, Bugbots, yebomaycu project, ye-boT initiative. Download free papertoys.