“Virtual Niche” — the world’s first Cryptoart exhibition to be held in China

First Supper, a collective artwork by Shortcut, Josie, BlackBoxDotArt, Vansdesign, Alotta Money, TwistedVacancy, Coldie, Hackatao, XCOPY, MattKane, Rutger van der Tas, ConnieDigital, and myself, will be part of this show, as a milestone work of programmable Cryptoart. Instead of being a static work of art, the painting consists of 22 layers and constantly changes in form according to alteration in user-defined layers owned by a number of artists and collectors. More here: https://blockcreateart-2621.medium.com/virtual-niche-the-worlds-first-largest-cryptoart-exhibition-to-be-held-in-china-4bb1c3c6b3a7

Marko Zubak, Fine Arts degree. Fields: painting, sculpture, digital art, paper toys, animation.
Projects: #CryptoSkateboards, MLIBTY Shadows, Bugbots, yebomaycu project, ye-boT initiative. Download free papertoys.