The lost throne

Music by: Davor Išek

“The lost throne” is the third video from my ye-boT initiative.

This video is about the end of the dark age of the kingdom established in the ye-boT initiative #1: Thought control ( Survivors from ye-boT civilization have to adapt to the new model of the world, the BLOCKHEAD model.

ye-boT initiative is a custom Paper Toy project open to all the people with a creative impulse and is one of the sub-projects of my roof-project YEBOMAYCU, ( ye-boT Paper Toy is a small robot which has movable parts and is apt for animation. All the customs made by other artists are available for free download on mentioned website and the project doesn’t have a deadline, therefore it’s still open for submissions.
To make your own toy, all you need is an internet connection, computer, printer, two sheets of A4 paper (on photo paper you’ll have results like on the photos from my website), cutter and glue.

Various Paper Toys were burned during the making of this video, but most of them are available for free download on

Marko Zubak, Fine Arts degree. Fields: painting, sculpture, digital art, paper toys, animation.
Projects: #CryptoSkateboards, MLIBTY Shadows, Bugbots, yebomaycu project, ye-boT initiative. Download free papertoys.